BioReigns with Kim Latimer

6 things to consider when choosing a

Network Marketing Company:


1._Does the company offer products or services that are unique and fulfill a long-term need?

Are the same products or services readily available elsewhere—is there tons of competition? What sets the company apart from everyone else?

2. Are there Simple Duplicatable Marketing Systems in place that take Full Advantage of Technology?

Not everyone can be a salesperson, but anyone can plug into a system where there are tools that do the selling and sorting for them. Helpful tools could be social media (Facebook/Instagram groups/communities/lives), scripts for creating engagement and sales, email campaigns, or even a marketing funnel. The important thing is that you're provided a marketing system proven to work and you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

3.    Is the person Introducing you to the opportunity, committed to your success?

If they are and the company is strong and the product or service is a winner, then you will succeed. Of course, you have to put in the time and effort to learn the systems and processes to make it work, systems don’t work unless you do. There's a big difference between a sponsor and a recruiter. A sponsor coaches, motivates and trains while a recruiter simply signs people up, and in most cases, abandons them once their commission is collected.

4.    Does the culture of the team you are joining resonate with you?

When introduced to the systems and team, can you see yourself as part of the tribe? Do you resonate with what they are saying and their personalities? Do you share their values and belief systems? Do they have a heart the size of Texas and make you feel like one of their own?

5.    Can you build a part-time business without losing your full-time income?

Does the company have automated systems capable of doing the heavy lifting for you, so you can use your time efficiently building relationships? Building your part-time business, while keeping your full-time income, is the least risky way to transition to a new source of revenue.

6.    Is it FUN?

This is the MOST important… You MUST have FUN in your business and with your partners while you work together to build long-term success. The key here is to understand, you are going to have to “show up” and do the work to see the results.  However, IF you treat it like a business it will pay you like a business. One of the secrets to success in network marketing is to make the work FUN!  

Find your tribe, love them hard and have a BLAST

With BioReigns, we have a proprietary process, meaning we cannot be copied, making our products unique and fill a long-term need. 

We have developed an amazing, water-dissolvable, delivery system that increases the absorption of low bioavailability molecules. This technology, BioCx, works with your natural biochemistry, helping your body absorb the ingredients it needs to power your life.

And that's what BioReigns stands for:   A BETTER YOU! 

In order for you to build a successful business, we have a SIMPLE duplicatable system in place to help you reach your goals.

Ask yourself this…

“What are my goals and dreams? If money wasn’t an issue, what would I do with my time, talent and resources?  Would I pay for little league, a family vacation, a car payment, a mortgage payment, a cruise, adopt a child, start a summer camp, make larger contributions to those in need, etc.?

The possibilities are endless!


I love helping other Girl Bosses build business in the stolen moments of time to make a monetary contribution to their family, at the same time having fun and developing a sense of sisterhood.

We are in business for ourselves, but not by ourselves!  We strive for a connected, loving, family environment, where we all help each other. No one gets to the top alone and us girls have to stick together and make our dreams come true.

Remember, empowered women, empower women!

If you’ve been looking around and you’re totally confused about where to start, I get it, I really do!!! 

I would be honored to help you nail your stake down and become the success you dream of.

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