IBUUMERANG with Jennifer Wilbon Corser

How often does one get to be part of a GROUND FLOOR opportunity. We are currently are just over 90 days old and already ranked #10 as the fastest growing company of 2019 per “Growjo.com”. I am searching for motivated individual that are wanting to be part or this amazing company IBUUMERANG. We are to the travel/tech industry as UBER is to the taxi industry. The vision of our 2 leader Mr. David Manning of Traverus Global and Mr. Holton Buggs of Organo Gold has brought Ibuumerang to the fore front of the network marketing industry, where REP’s and NETWORKERS can both succeed. In Ibuumerang we give away wholesale Travel websites for FREE and when someone books we earn half of what they save. Say a trip for $3000 on a regular online site is wanted but it is $2000 on our site you would make $500. No experience is needed. Computer and Internet is a MUST.

Contact: Jennifer Wilbon Corser
Website: rcruisin.ibuumerang.com
Email: rcruisin@gmail.com
Facebook Messanger: https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/jennifer.corser/