VIC Cosmetics is redefining the beauty and direct sales industry, offering a High-end, Luxury Cosmetics, Skincare & Body Care Company all at affordable prices.

VIC Cosmetics is changing the way things are done in Direct Sales which include:

  • Product made in the USA
  • FREE to start your business
  • FREE samples sent to your prospects
  • Use finest ingredients from USA, Japan and Germany
  • Proprietary blends and patented technologies
  • High-End Luxury Branding and Packaging
  • No Investment Required
  • No sales quotas
  • No Inventory
  • No Parties
  • BOGO specials on product
  • 25-40% retail commission
  • No Breakaway in Leadership Career Plan
  • Infinity Team Bonus in Leadership Career Plan
  • 90 Days Success Start Rewards
  • Customer Referral Program
  • FREE Training and Support
  • And so much more – too much to list!


Inquire to Learn More:
Dena Lemos, Independent Consultant
Office: 970-667-2201